CT101 attribute reporting problem

New here, and new to Home assistant and in need of help. I’ve added two sensors using templates to break out attributes from my thermostat. I can get the correct attributes value in the template editor, and I dont get any errors in the configuration.yaml, or groups.yaml when i check the config but I only get ‘unknown’ when I look at it in the group on the frontend ui.

I have been working on this all night now and any direction would be appreciated!

  # tstat battery level
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Thermostat Battery Level"
        unit_of_measurement: "%"
        value_template: >-
          {% if states.zwave['2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris'].attributes.battery_level %}
             {{ states.zwave['2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris'].attributes.battery_level }}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
 # tstat operation status
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Thermostate Status"
        value_template: >-
          {{ states.climate['2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris_heating_1'].attributes.operating_state }}

#Climate control group
    name: Climate Control
    view: no
      - sensor.2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris_temperature
      - sensor.thermostat_battery
      - sensor.thermostat_status
      - climate.2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris_cooling_1
      - climate.2gig_technologies_ct101_thermostat_iris_heating_1

Anyone have any advice?

No body has replied but even still going to post an update. It decided to start working today(kind of) for no reason other then me restarting it. The only change was me adding my pioneer AVR. No other changes where made to the configuration.yaml file.

I say kind of because while it is showing idle or heating it doesn’t update very often. For the battery that isn’t a very big concern but for the thermostat status that is a deal breaker since I want to graph out the run time everyday.