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CT101 Thermostat Heating/Cooling Entities


I recently installed a CT101 thermostat and ended up with 2 entities:


It seems like I need to set the target temperature on both of those entities in order to have this thermostat work like you’d expect (change the mode to heat or cool and set a temp). If the mode is set to heat, only the _heating_1 entity actually changes the target temperature on the thermostat. If the mode is set to cool, only the _cooling_1 entity actually changes anything.

I figure if I can make a thermostat card (I’m using lovelace right now) that always changes both entities that would basically solve it.

Or maybe there’s some easier solution?



Really the best solution would be an internal fix to HomeAssistant when the operation_mode is set to heating, control the heating entity, cooling control cooling, and make it a single entity.


I agree. I might try my hand at making a custom component that uses the two entities and handles it properly.


Just wanted to update this topic with a link to a solution I found that required almost no effort on my part (bonus!).