Curl-Command for finding out home-mode status (Synology Surveillance Station) in a HA-Switch (as status)

Hi altogether,

as i am using the Synology Surveillance Station as my main NVR and so far sucessfully integrated it into my home assistant, i now am trying to find out how to let HA check the status of the “home mode” of the Surveillance Station (which is the mode for using different recording and notification plans with video cams).
So far i am able to set the home mode to on or off via Curl-commands (via Synology Webhooks) through a Home Assistant switch, which works as expected, but even after countless googling i was not able to find out which json-request i’ll need to send to get the status back if the home mode is currently on or off (to use in my switch as status).

Does anyone know how to set this one up?
Thanks in advance and best wishes

More a question for Synology forums isn’t it?

That’s true, but i thought that someone maybe already got it working and could share me some configuration snippets. I mean almost all of the questions here in the configuration-subforum arefocused on “how to do this with an integration” or “how can i accomplish integrating that into HA”, so i thought this questions might fit in here just fine.