Currency Information / Exchangecurrency - Currencylayer

Hello everybody,

I would like to add Currency information to my LoveLace.

I tried two type of component:

I’m from Hungary so I would like to show everything in Hungarian Forint ( HUF ) currency.

  - platform: currencylayer
    api_key: xxxc4f45bdf461e1ec8ed5463ae70xxx
    base: HUF
      - EUR


  • platform: openexchangerates
    api_key: xxxc4f45bdf461e1ec8ed5463ae70xxx
    base: HUF
    quote: EUR

None of them is working in that way.

But as soon I change HUF to USD its working properly. Both of them!!!

I checked the supported type of currencies on both website and HUF is there!

Can you please give me advice why its not working?

The free account is limited to only USD as a base currency

Thank you very much for the information. As I see then Home-Assistant only has paid type of currency checkers online.

See Currencylayer - option to update less frequently - #4 by planetawylie

You could retrieve the USDHUF and USDEUR, and divide them