Current community CCTV/NVR mindshare?

There’s a few of these threads I understand but some are outdated and others don’t really go as far as actually recommending anything.

I’m rebuilding my NVR (currently Shinobi on Ubuntu) and considering revisiting my choice of NVR software, particularly in view of finally integrating it with my (somewhat empty) HA set up. To make it easy (!) I’ve narrowed it down to Zoneminder, Motioneye and Blue Iris (Windows). The NVR will run on its own box but on the same network as HA. I currently use but will soon replace my three scripts with Appdaemon.

I’m less interested in difficulty (as I’m willing to put in the time to get things to work), and more interested in integration/development/support with HA. For example, I see a ZM integration is available, and I think I previously saw something similar for MotionEye but can’t find it anymore.

So, which NVR of the above works best with HA? Is there a canonical choice? I want to eventually do detailed things like “send telegram messages on xxx activity” so need something that is well exposed and intergratable.

Is there even a choice?