Current Energy Consumption query…

Hi guys & gals - new to this highly recommended Group and recently purchased Home Assistant, busy setting up various things.

I have been trying to set up the Energy Dashboard using the feed from my Octopus Mini/Smart Meter…

However, whatever I do/try the output stays the same as shown in the image attached - even though my actual current consumption is far less, all of the time.

I have no idea where the 12.8kWh figure comes from!

Has anyone else come across this, or have any pointers for getting it to read the correct figure please?

I have checked, double checked and re-checked again that I am using the current consumption figure entity - I am stumped… ! :thinking:

Thank you in advance… ! :pray:t3:

That’s your total energy for the day (kWh), not your current power consumption (kW).

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