Current gas usage not available anymore DSMR?


On one of my dashboards I have badges to show actual water usage (l/minute), power consumed, power produced and actual gas usage.
However the gas usage is not working anymore? Since “I don’t know when” there is no reading and my assumption is that dsmr sensor “sensor.dsmr_consumption_gas_currently_delivered” is not fed anymore.

Is there a way to see my actual gas usage? This is not what I am looking for, as I want to see the actual usage and not have HA calculate over and over. Do you smart people have any solution/hint/clue on how to fulfill my (and as energy prices raise, more people are interested I assume) quest?

Below a printscreen of my dashboard, a yaml (partial) showing the badges and the dsmr entries I have regarding gas:

title: Thuis
  - theme: Backend-selected
    path: default_view
    title: Home
    icon: ''
      - entity: sensor.dsmr_consumption_gas_currently_delivered
        name: Gas
      - entity: sensor.dsmr_reading_electricity_currently_returned
        name: Retour
      - entity: sensor.dsmr_reading_electricity_currently_delivered
        name: Verbruik
      - entity: sensor.watermeter_active_water_usage
        name: Water
      - type: entities
          - entity:
          - entity: light.eettafel
          - entity: light.trap
          - entity: light.tv_2
          - entity:
          - entity: light.hue_lightstrip_plus_1_2
            icon: mdi:stove
          - entity: light.hue_lightstrip_plus_1_3
            icon: mdi:countertop-outline
          - entity: light.voordeur
        state_color: true
        title: Beneden
      - type: entities
          - entity:
          - entity: light.eric
          - entity: light.mariska
        title: Slaapkamers
        state_color: true
        show_header_toggle: false
      - type: entities
          - entity: light.tuinverlichting
          - entity: cover.zonnescherm
            icon: mdi:emoticon-cool-outline
              style: |
                :host {
                  {% if is_state(config.entity, 'open') %}
                  --card-mod-icon-color: grey;
                  {% else %}
                  --card-mod-icon-color: orange;
                  {% endif %}
          - entity: switch.vijver
        title: Tuin
        show_header_toggle: false
        state_color: true
      - type: entities
          - type: custom:slider-entity-row
            entity: fan.itho_fan
            name: Snelheid
        title: Centrale afzuiging
  - theme: Backend-selected
    title: Energie
    path: energie
    icon: mdi:lightning-bolt
    badges: []
      - title: Energie
        type: energy-distribution
        link_dashboard: true
      - type: entities
          - entity: sensor.value_in_l
            icon: mdi:water-outline
        title: Waterverbruik vandaag
  - theme: Backend-selected
    icon: mdi:weather-partly-cloudy
    title: Weer
    path: weer
    badges: []
      - show_current: true
        show_forecast: true
        type: weather-forecast
        entity: weather.knmi_thuis
      - type: custom:neerslag-card
        entity: sensor.neerslag_buienalarm_regen_data
        title: Neerslag
      - type: custom:sun-card
  - theme: Backend-selected
    title: Verwarming
    path: verwarming
    icon: mdi:radiator
    badges: []
      - square: false
        columns: 1
        type: grid
          - cards:
              - entity: climate.verwarming
                type: thermostat
                name: CV
              - type: entities
                  - entity: sensor.verwarming_water_pressure
                    name: Keteldruk
                  - entity: sensor.verwarming_errors
                    name: Meldingen
                    icon: mdi:alert-box-outline
                  - entity: sensor.verwarming_status
                    icon: mdi:fire
                    name: Status
                state_color: true
            type: vertical-stack
      - type: thermostat
        entity: climate.verwarming_badkamer
  - theme: Backend-selected
    icon: mdi:paperclip
    title: Divers
    path: divers
    badges: []
      - type: entities
          - sensor.gft
          - sensor.papier
          - sensor.pmd
        title: ROVA

Regarding current gas prices, am I the only one who wants to see the actual usage? For electricity and water I figured it out (thanks to this forum), but gas…

Any tints or tips? A utility meter is not what I am looking for, that is more like historical to me. It is the actual usage I am looking for. And yes, I am aware of the 10 second interval in receiving data from the smart meter (we don’t want to flood HA and consume up all resources obviously), but that is close enough.


Using the Smart Gateway Slimme meter wifi gateway.

I have the same problem. Gas current usage was definitely shown but since custom yaml code is no longer supported/allowed I cant get it back. I tried telnet (meter 4 and 5) and mqtt connection (both working fine) but current gas usage is no longer visible. Has hte sensor been disabled from the software or something?

Any thoughts are welcome

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Just set up the derivative sensor as shown in topic and you’ll get a m3/h sensor.