Current state node is not updating

Running the latest version of HA and NR and I’m suddenly not getting updates on current state nodes.

I have a fairly simple flow that looks at the current ‘percentage’ attribute on a fan and changes the speed. The percentage is always showing as zero and state of off on the current state node, despite the entity in HA showing varying percentages and state of on as expected.

Below you can see the entity in HA and Node-Red debug from the current state node.



The server drop down in call service, is there more than one server? There should only be one.

What does node red’s log say on the addon page. You may as well look at the HA logs. On the right side menu, where debug is, there is a tab for context data. goto globals, hit the refresh icon.

Look under home assistant states, you will see he value’s for all entities. They should reflect the values at the time you hit refresh. Are those off as well

Thanks, there is only one server. The values were all off. I have restarted the Node-Red integration separately and that has resolved the issue.