Current state of hassbian-config?

Whilst reading some of the docs I came across a reference to hassbian-config and, after reading a bit, planned to use it to install AppDaemon on my hassbian system. I started poking around the tool and noticed that it has an entry to install Trådfri support and according to hassbian-config it was not installed, which confused me a bit since my Trådfri bulbs were discovered automatically on first start of Home Assistant. Does that mean Trådfri support is now built in and the install suite for it in hassbian-config is simply outdated/deprecated?

On a more general note, what is the current state of hassbian-config, is it a dying way of managing your installation, favoring either fully manual or fully automated(, or are the plans to keep it up to date?

I do not have a working Trådfri GW anymore, so I can not check if that script no longer are needed, but if you belive it should be removed please open an issue or PR with the hassbian-scripts repo :slight_smile:

It are still in development and are still being maintained :wink: