Current weather on an entity-button


I am trying to get my front end to show a button with the current weather as an icon with maybe some useful info below, as temp, chance of rain and so on. Any idea how this can be achieved?

If the card weather-forecast could show today only that would solve my problem, but as far as I can see the configuration possibilities of that card is limited.

Something like this? It’s using the lovelace weather-report card and the weather.dark_sky entity. There are two dark sky options, one as a sensor and one you can add in your configuration, so it you want this format be sure to add this to configuration.yaml;

  - platform: darksky
    api_key: !secret darksky_api_key
    mode: daily



# Weather
  - id: weather
    icon: mdi:weather-partlycloudy
    title: Weather
      - id: weather-report
        type: weather-forecast
        entity: weather.dark_sky

This is just the normal weather card, what I am looking for is just the current weather which will fit in an entity-button or something similar as shown by the red outline on the screen shot I added.

did you find a (simple) solution to this?

If you use mushroom cards, there is a dedicated chip for weather that could fits this use.