Currently not home and HASSIO requires a reboot. I cannot connect, but SSH on port 22222 is alive


I am not home and this morning my HASSIO has stopped responding to the web UI. I connected to my home VPN and I am able to ping the RPi IP address, but still unable to connect to my normal web UI. I tried to SSH to port 22222 (the docker SSH) but I do not have the username and password. Is there a way to force a hard reset via this SSH? Is there a default username and password?

While on this topic, what do other people do to reset a faulted raspberry pi when they are not home? I was thinking of a independent and separate WiFi plug?

Thanks for the help


If you are talking about ssh into the add-on for HASSIO, then the user is root, but the credentials are based on either shared SSH keys, or using a PW that you set in the add-on configuration. If you are looking to ssh into the host on 2222, I believe that can only be done with shared keys.

You cannot log in port 22222 with a username and password, you need to login with an RSA key

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This is exactly what I have for exactly that scenario.

OK, thanks! I will set up the RAS key for port 22222 and I will also order a WiFi plug today and install it when I get home.

Thanks for the input