Currently supported BT (or BT+WiFi) adapters in Home Assistant OS


I recently moved from Home Assistant supervised on Raspberry Pi 4 with Debian 11 to Home Assistant OS under Proxmox VM in a mini PC.

The mini PC is lacking WiFi/BT so I lost some features I was using. I tried few hardware components to restore BT or BT+WiFi connectivity (namely an Intel Wireless AC 9560 2230 2x2 AC+BT Gigabit vPro and a TP-Link UB500 Bluetooth USB 2 Adapter) but any seems supported in HAOS (device detected but BT scan empty).

What internal M2 WiFi+BT (best) or external USB BT (acceptable) adapters are supported by the Home Assistant OS?


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I’m also looking for the list of supported adapters/chipsets. In my case for the odroid N2+. Anyone know where we scan find this?

I’ve got a TP-LINK UB4A Nano USB working through VirtualBox on OS X. The HA BLE Monitor integration detects it and everything works.

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I’m surprised how underrated this topic is, because there must be tons of people using BT sensors in their HA systems and they have to know if the adapter they use is working or not

so far I only have used one USB BT adapter which is perfectly compatible for sure:
Asus USB-BT400 BT4.0

the one I tried and although the host handles it, no data is collected, because I don’t know why:
Comfast (RTL8761B chip based device) BT5.1

my initial goal was to increase receiver sensitivity and while using the Comfast dongle in a PC works supa-dupa, HA can’t use it unfortunatelly


I’m looking in time for a website or some forum topic where there’s a list of compatible hardware like Hassio I use pure Alpine 3.16. Does anyone know where we could get this list?

The bluetoth integration page have a list of compatible adapters: Bluetooth - Home Assistant

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