Curtain bots supported by HA

I found these two bots on AliExpress:

Does anyone know if they are fully supported by HA?

Any recommendations on such bots, or any other solutions for an already existing Roman Rod setup would be appreciated. My options are WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee.

Tuya based devices are supported you just need to add them to the tuya smart app in the phone first then use the developer tool to get the api setup for the tuya intergrations (Tuya and LocalTuya) to pull the keys down for control via home assistant.

The most popular ones are the switchbot curtainbot’s that I see being used by most folks.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it too, but 180$ for a pair seems kinda expensive for such a device.

I’ll look into tuya integrations, thanks!

There are a few channels that do reviews of the different options out there that you can look up and see what is in budget as well as whats available in your region when you are ready to grab them to set them up.

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