Curtain control with curtain on pole with eyelets


Been using homeassistant for the last month or so and absolutely loving it. Have a server controlling some smart plugs I’ve flashed with esphome and it’s working very nicely.

I’d love to automate my curtains in my flat. The existing curtains are pretty enormous (read: expensive) so am loathe to replace them. Have floor to ceiling windows across almost one entire wall with high ceilings.

I have been investigating solutions to make the existing curtains controllable by WiFi. They hang on a pole with a circular eyelet hanging (this kind of thing). So far I’ve found either slide which looks perfect but quite expensive! Alternatively, this video seems to provide a cheap and easy alternative but I’m concerned about a few things; his curtains don’t seem to close, it’s unclear how loud it would be and also would this be supportable in home assistant? I’m presuming with minor changes to the code it could be?

Any advice would be appreciated. I’m happy to create my own device to do this but would perhaps need a little hand-holding and pointing in the right direction. Let me know if you need any further info. Thanks!

Hi there, did you come up with a solution for your eyelet curtains?

Sadly not, still closing them by hand like a schmuck!