Curtain slider opposite

hello guys
I have made a DIY curtain controller relay board for my dooya curtains. I am using esphome as firmware and it works great but the slider in the UI is opposite how can I change it?
YAML config is fine and also when I say google assistant to open curtains its perfect I mean its not opposite, so the problem is the only slider.
how do I change it?

For a cover in HA, slider position 0% (so all the way left) should be closed, 100% should be opened.
If it works the opposite for you (while the open and close commands work fine), it looks like there is a bug in the Esphome integration.
If the open and close commands are also reversed, you should to swap two wires going to your relay.

Ofcourse the direction of the slider has nothing to do with the direction in which the curtains move in your house…

Ok now what’s the solution for this? If I change the wires in module google assistant it’s opposite :expressionless:
Do you think maybe Iam wrong integrating blinds cover rather than curtains ?
Do you know how many curtain integrations are there in esphome ? All Iam asking is because the icon which is in ui is of blinds one.

There was a discussion on this topic during Month of WTH:

In this thread you can also find a solution with the use of a template sensor to reverse open/close logic.