Curtain Switch TS130F states

Hi everyone,

With a extremely odd behaviour with these curtains switchs.

I have bought a dozen of these guys to make dumb shutters smart. I installed one and configured it (calibrated) by using the calibration method.

Even though not perfect it was working until 10 minutes passed… Strangely enough even though no instruction was given to the switch in the home assistant the statis changes from closed to open, it does not trigger the shutter but makes it useless to use in automation besides induces in error.

An example of what’s showing in the logs…

Any clue whats going on?

I had to remove it from the wall as I’m not certain that it does not open the shutter by itself when I’m not home…

Further testing with other units of same relay same issue. Does anyone has the same behaviour?


Same problem here. Did you found out the solution?

Same problem. Seems like if zha could not write on current lift percentage attribute, so, after a while, correctl positión is lost.

Knows anyone how to solve it?

I’ve changed from ZHA to Zigbee2mqtt and the problem was solved.

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