Custom Aarlo Lovelace card

I am trying to setup a floor plan.

Im very stuck on trying to get my Arlo camera’s to do a live stream when clicked:

type: picture-elements
image: /local/Floor_Plan.jpg
  - type: 'custom:aarlo-glance'
    entity: camera.aarlo_living_room_camera
    name: Living Room
      - motion
      - sound
      - snapshot
      - battery_level
      - signal_strength
      - captured_today
      - image_date
      top: 32%
      left: 40%`

is what I have edited into the “Picture Element” card, but with that no icon appears to be clicked on.

I have added the icon: mdi:cctv in several places and am unable to get it to appear.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.