Custom button card add a second entity

I have successfully connected several Siemens Logo 8 devices to my HA. At the moment I can turn on and off my lights using the custom button card, a helper, and an automation

type: custom:button-card
entity: input_boolean.kitchenhlp
    - height: 100px
    - width: 100px
show_state: false
name: Kitchen
icon: mdi:lightbulb
  - value: 'on'
    color: yellow
  - value: 'off'
    color: grey

Everything works fine. A button push turns on the light, a second push turns the light back off.

The thing that’s keeping me busy is that the icon on the button doesn’t show me the state of the Logo output. Instead it shows the state of the button, of course.

How and where can I insert a second entity or name that represents the actual output (name: LOGO1KitchenOut - unique_id: logo1kitchenoutid) so the lightbulb icon turns grey when logo1kitchenoutid is off and turns yellow when logo1kitchenoutid is on?