Custom button card does not use metric system

Hello folks,

Don know if this belongs here, please feel free to move to the correct topic if not.

I have a weird issue and can’t seem to find the answer for it. It is not related to any version of HA for I have this issue for almost a year now. I always updated HA and all it’s components.

Here is the issue:

I use custom button card to show some graphics about power production from my solar panels. While HA is configured in the metric system and the inverters also show the numbers in the metric system the custom button card does not.

For example: current productions is represented as 2,681W where that should be 2.681W
How can I change the info on the custom button card to metric?

On other cards were there should be a comma there is a dot. It looks like an issue in the custom button card for I can seem to see anything wrong in HA or the integrations I use this card for.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Yes, this is the downside when using custom frontend cards. You have to build all the special features that HA does yourself. Like unit conversions.

Suggest you to register an issue in custom:button-card Github repo.
There is a probability that someone patch it…

P.s. No idea why my post is not addressed to the topic-starter…

usually that’s a caching thing


Later reaction :relaxed: - Was quit busy lately and had no time to adress this issue yet. Have a fresh new HA instance and for now I’m trying to figure out why Synology agenda is not working. But that is another topic and does not belong here. I will ook into the card later when I find the time for this.