Custom button card shows popup instead of doing action

I have a garage door opener and I have configured a custom:button-card to toggle open and close. The issue I have is that when I tap the button, a popup window opens with a switch. Can’t it just ran the action straight away?

this is the popup:

And this is my buttons configuration:

type: custom:button-card
entity: cover.smart_garage_door_opener_door
show_name: false
show_state: true
  - value: closed
    color: green
  - value: open
    color: red
size: 20%

Don’t you need a tap_action?

          action: toggle
        entity: cover.smart_garage_door_opener_door

…or something?

Thanks for that, it works!. What I don’t understand is that in the documentation it says that tap_action is optional and if nothing is defined, it will default to ‘toggle’.

Probably referring to the UI, which does give you “toggle” as a default.