Custom buttons + popup_cards stopped working for me on HA 2023

I have my lovelace pages defined in yaml. I all those dashboards, I have some custom button cards that open a popup for the configuration entities for that section.
After I upgraded to home assistant v2023.5 those popups stopped working.
Perhaps someone knows what could be failing now.

My configuration is as follows:
In my ui-dashboard file I have included the files for the popups:

popup_cards: !include_dir_merge_named popups/

That folder contains files like:

  title: 'Grid configuration'
    type: 'custom:layout-card'
    layout_type: 'custom:grid-layout'

Then in the view, I reference the popup at the cog button of the section:

          - type: 'custom:button-card'
            template: header_card
              name: GRID
              arrow: mdi:cog
              action: more-info
              link: popup.energy_grid

I’m using templates for the custom buttons, so link becomes entity property.

          action: '[[[ return variables.action ]]]'
          entity: '[[[ return ]]]'

When I push the button it says that the entity popup.energy_grid doesn’t exist.
I’ve tried to reference another simple entity, like a switch, and it works.
So it seems to me that popup_cards reference tags is not working anymore. I’ve also tried to add the popup definition in the view itself but still doesn’t found it.
Does anybody knows what could be failing here? Perhaps I’m missing any component after the upgrade?