Custom card example error

I am trying to follow the Lovelace Custom card example
I had it working but it stopped after a browser refresh.

This is the error I get:
Custom element doesn’t exist: content-card-example.

type: ‘custom:content-card-example’
entity: sun.sun

Here is the layout of my www directory:

└── www
    ├── content-card-example.js
    ├── dead-32x32.png
    └── myDev
        └── content-card-example.js

I tried putting the js file in both levels to see if that would help.

My resources entry is:
JavaScript Module

This is a git install on a Rpi 3b running Raspbian, HA 0.117.2 and Frontend version: 20201021.4.

I found my error, I left the “.js” off the entry for the resource.