Custom Card not displayed correct on mobile device

Dear all,

currently I am creating my own integration.
I created my own sensor and my own custom card.
The custom card is located in the www folder and added as resource.

So far, its working on the Notebook browser (see image below), but not on the iPhone HA app


I only use the extra attribues ${state.attributes.test} in my custom card to display the content, not the state

  set hass(hass) {
    // Initialize the content if it's not there yet.
    if (!this.content) {
      const card = document.createElement('ha-card');
      card.header = "Another MVG Card";
      this.content = document.createElement('div');
      const style = document.createElement('style');

      style.textContent = `
         table {
           background-color: #000080;
           color: #fff;
           width: 100%;
        // removed to cut the code

    const entityId = this.config.entity;
    const state = hass.states[entityId];
    const stateStr = state ? state.state : "unavailable";

    this.content.innerHTML = `<!-- The state of ${entityId} is ${stateStr} -->
      <!-- ANOTHER-MVG -->

On the mobile device, its showing the state instead of ${state.attributes.test}

I already restarted HA again
I closed (forced close) HA app on my iPhone and started it again

is there a special mobile option, I have to configure ?
How can I solve the problem ?

OK, it looks like I have to remove the IOS app and install it again.
Is there a way to avoid reinstalling the app ?

The solution is to clear the Frontend cache in the app, force close app and restart the app

Its not so easy to find and there should be a quick link in the side menu or maybe an option in the admin section to force all mobile devices to clear the cache like it is in IP-Symcon (IPS View)

To clear the cache, go to
Settings → Companion App → debugging → reset frontend cache

In German
Einstellungen → Begleit App → Debuggen → Frontend Cache zurücksetzen