Custom card to control BLE light bulbs (Triones, MagicBlue)

As I got tired trying to set-up bluetooth as an integration, I decided to create a custom card that - leveraging on Web Bluetooth - can interact with BLE bulbs

Hi friend, Thanks! can you please share an example for the card? (how do I insert my known MAC’s?)
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Moshik,

here’s an example configuration.

type: 'custom:ble-bulb-card'
  - triones
  - magicblue

You don’t need to specify the MAC address, as everything is managed on the frontend side using Web Bluetooth.

Please note that this card doesn’t let you integrate Bluetooth bulbs within Home Assistant (f.i. for automation), but lets you only change the color on demand (you should connect every time).

I added the Usage section to the repository and some images for clarity.

Nice job friend, Thanks!
WDYT about developing the integration between this kind of bulb and home assistant?
I found several implements for this dedicated protocol: