Custom cards and 0.106.5

Which are actually the custom cards not working with 0.106.5 release? I want to be sure to have all working before upgrading…

tiles-card and tiles-card-legacy are the two I know of. button-card seems to be the closest replacement.

Not sure about toggle-lock-entity-row but as support has ceased it should be replaced with restriction-card.

Thanks, so must of custom cards are regularly working? I am asking this as i read in a forum an advice to not update as most of them are not working… maybe a fake news ?

There are undoubtedly others.

Atomic-calendar card won’t work in 106 and isn’t being updated any longer. The author is MIA.

Any replacement card fort calendar?

there is this calendar-card but it doesn’t have nearly as many customizations and it’s completely missing the monthly calendar mode.

I’m actually working on trying to get the atomic calendar updated but I’ve got to figure out how to use “rollup” before I can even try to get it working again.

Ok, thanks… and good luck… i’ll stay tuned…