Custom Cards not showing under Updater card


So I’ve added two of thomasloven’s fantastic Cards, but they don’t show up under my Updater card.

  - type: module
    url: /local/slider-entity-row.js?v=0
  - type: js
    url: /local/toggle-lock-entity-row.js?v=0

I’ve placed both under /local/www/ but I don’t see them (have also done a restart):


They show up for me in updater card…but I have added them as:

  - url: /customcards/github/thomasloven/slider-entity-row.js?track=true
    type: js
  - url: /customcards/github/thomasloven/toggle-lock-entity-row.js?track=true
    type: js

The url you are using are they just folders you created with those names?
And where did you place the .js files?

Both the local and customcards folders are ‘virtual’ folders… pointers to the www folder. They do not physically exist.

So under www, create /github/customcards/thomasloven folder. Then in the tracker card if you tap check it will see those cards as referenced in lovelace. If you tap update all it will even download them for you!

The benefit of using customcards instead of local is there are no caching issues. I have found you don’t need the ?track=true on the end either and you don’t need the version number either.

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As David mentions below, just add them in lovelace yaml as I have and let the updater card download them for you when you click the update all button…


Did I have to add the ?track=true or not?
and if not, should the ? be kept at the end?

I don’t know… does it work without ?track=true for your cards? You don’t need a trailing ?

I actually went back over the docs for my cards and see that the dev says to have the track=true so I left my cards as they were. I suspect they will work either way.

I will just keep it then. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it the cards shows new updates available.