Custom component Afvalbeheer - Support for multiple waste collectors

I’m working on this for the next release. It is not as easy as I thought it would be… Haven’t found an elegant way yet.

I’m having trouble to get the pmd-information in home assistant. The other sensors work, but this one does not. I’ve tried including it in the sensor-configuration as (not at the same time):

- pmd
- Plastic, blik & drinkpakken
- plastic, blik & drinkpakken

But it doesn’t update it’s information. I understand from the code that it uses the menu_title for each section, so that should match in my understanding.

My collector is HVC, 3328LJ - 28

I found the bug. There will be an update later today.

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I see now I fixed this issue already. For ‘Plastic, blik & drinkpakken’ you should put ‘PBD’ or ‘pbd’ under resources. (not ‘pmd’)

Thanks for the reply, pbd does the trick!

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The component is broken after updating to 0.92, but with some help from this thread, I was able to fix it by creating an empty file and a manifest.json file in the components directory.

My manifest.json contains this:

  "domain": "afvalbeheer",
  "name": "Afvalbeheer",
  "documentation": "",
  "dependencies": [],
  "codeowners": [],
  "requirements": []

Hopefully this can help somebody else with the same problem!

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Thanks! With your example and by modifying it a bit, I managed to get the Groningen_afvalwijzer working again.

I tried this solution but after that my Hassio wil not come online. Services are running but website is not responding.

Try rebooting your server which runs Home Assistant, when applicable.

The correct method to get this to work with HA 0.92 is:

  • create a subdirectory afvalbeheer in the custom_components directory
  • move the file to this subdirectory
  • rename the file to
  • create a new empty file
  • create the file manifest.json with the contents as show a few posts up.
  • in HA go to Configuraton --> General, click on Check Config
  • There should not be an error, then click Restart.

Just to add to the above post: my experience with this change was not smooth. After the restart, with the above changes implemented, HA did not come up normally. In the end I had to reboot my server (Hassio on VM) to get HA up and running again.

Hi I made the exact changes as mentioned above, hassio won’t come up. Rebooted the whole NUC (Ubuntu 18.2) still nothing. Ideas?

So just removed the whole custom_components folder and everything is back to its old state.

Really a shame though, I would love to implement this in my frontend .

Is it maybe possible to integrate into this component

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First of all; sorry for my absence. My personal life (I got married :slight_smile: ) and work (new job) demanded priority the past couple of mounths.

I’ve updated all 3 sensors to work with the HA updates and it should work with HACS now. I recommend that you delete the old files and copy in the files from github. Custom Updater will work again after that.

Groningen Afvalwijzer Thanks @bouwew
Ophaalkalender (BE)

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Congratulations !

I have a question, I live in Cranendock and the PMD sensor doesn’t work anymore. I try to find it myself, but I can’t. This is what the webside provides:
{“id”:1,“parent_id”:0,“title”:“Plastic en blik/ drankkartons”,“slug”:null,“tags”:null,“page_title”:“Plastic, metaal en drankkartons”…“ophaaldatum”:“2019-07-02”},

My sensor:
Official name: null
wastecollector: cranendonck
ID: null
Last update: null
Hidden: true
friendly_name: pmd

The others sensor are working correct. Can you help?

thanks! do you have a postcode and streetnumber for me to test with? (please dm it to me)

No need, I was reading al the messages in this poast and found that I need to put pbd instead of pmd in config file. So it was already fixed.

Today the tomorrow sensor should state PDM en GFT, but instead the status is unknown. I run the latest version 0.95.4.
No error messages except the warning when booting (custom integration not tested by HA).


Any idea for intergrating RD4 from South Limburg ? :slight_smile: