Custom Component / Card: Plex meets Home Assistant

would it be possible to customize the amount of movies, use last 10 movies added, ect?

In a lot later phase of development yes. Open up FR so that I don’t forget about it.

Fix for protocol and hardcoded token pushed to repo.
New usage:

type: 'custom:content-card-example'
token: plex token
ip: plex ip address
port: plex port
libraryName: plex library name to display
entity_id: media_player.living_room_nvidia_shield
protocol: Optional - plex portocol to use, use https if you use home assistant on https
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i redownloaded both files, cleared my cache, and it still has your token…

No it does not.

besides running the python script i already have a token defined…

Please learn to read, this is like the 5th time you are asking for something that you just need to read. See my post above that you liked, or literarily the error message its showing you.

thanks, i got it working, ps it doesnt seem to work on my opera browser/chrome on my ios tablet…

How does it look like there?

it says the names dont exist (tv shows/movies), but it works fine on my laptop

Can you show a screenshot? Probably a cache issue if the error is coming from card and not a design, or it might be failing to get the data… temporary issue that will be resolved once the goes away.

reinstalled a new browser, its just the generic red box, that says the name doesnt exist, but it does…

Update: When a movie/tv show is now clicked outside of play button it expands it to show more information (not implemented yet) with very nice animations.

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Update: no longer needed, all you need is a card configured and it will get all data on its own

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It’s now possible to add card as custom repo into HACS, set it up and get frequent updates!

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glad to see updates, were you able to test out chrome for IOS? you should be able to test w/ developer mode?

No I wasn’t as I do not own iOS device. Chrome developer just changes screen size and uses touch etc events so no way to test with that.

It does work on android phones. Did you test with an android device or some other device on the same wifi network? What happens on your ios tablet exactly?

Integration is currently under big refactor, if you updated to latest version and it stopped working with an error about card not being found, uninstall it, remove repository, add repository and install again. This is only needed if you had the repo previously installed and if HACS fails to install a new version.

Seasons have been added, they do not do anything yet, but do show up with nice animations!

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Opening a season now shows all the episodes which can be played along with seasons!

Full library navigation is now more or less done!


this looks seriously cool, and looks like it’s come a long way already.
I wanted to try this on my own HA, but when I go and add the repository to HACS, I get an error saying “Repostitory structure for main is not compliant”. Is anyone else seeing this error too?