Custom Component / Card: Plex meets Home Assistant

Thank you! :slight_smile: You are probably adding it as an integration. You need to add it as a Lovelace.

Updated readme with this image.

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DOH! yup, should have tried that myself :smiley: Thanks, that’s worked.

Glat to help! It should get added to default repos soon.

Added support for movies playback via Kodi and also refactored the card. It will now be easily scalable into more supported play services and media entities in the future!

You can also combine multiple supported services, like using adb AND kodi, whichever is available and you entered first will be chosen for playback automagically!

Next I will be working on tv episodes playback via Kodi.

You will need to reconfigure card as the keys have changed. Check readme for the latest updates.


roku roku roku, PLEASE someone add support for roku :slight_smile:

is there supposed to be a play botton?

For movies on kodi yes. For androidtv on everything. Read readme.

Roku might be possible but I do not own one unfortunately so its extremely hard for me to develop anything for it :frowning:

If you can, try to do following for PLEX app:

GET http://ROKU_IP:8060/query/apps
POST http://ROKU_IP:8060/launch/APP_ID

And post a result here, make sure to remove any private information.

Come to discord and we can communicate more easily over there and get it done.

Episodes playback is now available via Kodi!

Good news! Roku should be 100% possible. I just need a testing system, when you are free for an hour or two send me a message on discord!

I tested new component but it won’t play the movie chosen … is there a log entry for this to debug ?

Is there any error in the console? Do you see play button? Come to discord, might be faster to debug.

Will come into discord later . Play button is there yes will send you the console output

Added search functionality!

<app id="13535" type="appl" version="6.7.24">Plex - Free Movies &amp; TV </app>

[email protected]:~$ POST
Please enter content (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to be POSTed:

If you have the time, come to discord and we will have a call and get it done. Without an actual device its nearly impossible to develop it.

Looking for you on the HA discord without luck

I’m on there as Atomicpapa



Oh it expired! Fixed: