Custom Component / Card: Plex meets Home Assistant

thanks for the hint. https plex solved the problem

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Awesome! Will play with this later today.

Ability to add multiple entities in one category of device has been added.

Example configuration:

type: 'custom:plex-meets-homeassistant'
token: QWdsqEXAMPLETOKENqwerty
port: 32400
libraryName: Movies
protocol: http
maxCount: 10
sort: title:desc
    - media_player.kodi_bedroom
    - media_player.kodi_living_room
    - media_player.living_room_nvidia_shield
    - media_player.bedroom_nvidia_shield
    - media_player.kithen_nvidia_shield
    - TV 2020

In this example, it will try to first play via kodi, in bedroom. If that kodi is unavailable or off, it tries in living room kodi. If that fails, it moves on to android tvs, starting with living room, continuing with bedroom and ending with kitchen. Finally, if a possible player still has not been found (all kodis and shields are off) it tries to play via plexPlayer, trying TV 2020 and if not found, IP

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New version has been released

Main features include movie extras and automatic trailer playback on opening movie which looks incredibly awesome. There is also an option to fullscreen it, if you want to watch it without things in front of it like title, desciption etc.

Fullscreen option doesn’t yet unfortunately work in iOS Home Assistant app (I will have to investigate it further), but it works everywhere else, even android app.

Apart from that a few fixes and improvements were done too.

Update: Now works on iOS native app and includes a few more fixes mainly for android fullscreen playback.

New version has been released.

You can now use “Deck” or “Recently Added” libraryName for special views. See readme for more information.

I am working on getting this setup with my Roku TV, however the TV’s name is 55" TCL Roku TV. I have tried using plexPlayer: 55" TCL Roku TV and I have also tried plexPlayer: '55" TCL Roku TV'. Neither results in a play button being available on the thumbnails or after clicking thru on the thumbnail. Any ideas?

edit: I refreshed the screen and that got the Play button to appear, but pressing it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have the Plex app already open on the TV. In fact, that is required for the Play button to appear after changing it to the second option above.

Roku casting problems · Issue #12 · JurajNyiri/PlexMeetsHomeAssistant · GitHub pls provide more info there

Hi, is there any plan to add recently added movies as a special library? (i tried the sort but it doesn’t put the latest movie on top).
size of poster and custom background? i know is to much to ask :smiley: but would be great.

type: custom:plex-meets-homeassistant
token: **xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx**
ip: 192.168****
port: 32400
libraryName: Movies
protocol: http
maxCount: 100
sort: addedAt
  plexPlayer: media_player.plex_for_samsung_tv_livingroom

Hey, trailer is a background if its available… I can look into posters etc if not available later.

sort: addedAt:desc will do what you want

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sort: addedAt:desc worked like a charm, thank you all works great!

HI one more question or suggestion,
i was doing this before putting movies as a movie theater poster display, is the same than yours just it allows me to put a poster background and separate the posters. for this i can keep mine or use yours but will have to hide the search bar and allow me to choose witch position of the movie to show (1st recently added, second recently added…), when you see the picture u understand what i mean , this is nice for the home cinema.
can it be done?


That seems like out of scope of where I want to take this card. Go ahead and fork it and do the adjustments as you wish! Should be fairly simple. :slight_smile:

It is a great card!

May i suggest a couple of buttons to run a scrip to turn on tv and like close blinds, a call service button. because the play button wont appear till the plex player is online.

Yeah that will be implemented via ability to add scripts to run before / after hitting play (this will change play button behavior). And maybe later with controls for playback.

New version has been released.

This version contains breaking changes.

If you were using “Deck” special library, and you want the same behaviour as before, you need to change it to “Watch Next”.

There are 4 special libraries now - “Deck”, “Continue Watching”, “Watch Next” and “Recently Added”. See more in GitHub - JurajNyiri/PlexMeetsHomeAssistant: Custom integration which integrates plex into Home Assistant and makes it possible to launch movies or tv shows on TV with a simple click .

All special libraries except “Watch Next” now work with outdated Plex servers and no longer cause the whole card to not work.

New version with support for Google Cast has been released.

Another new version has been released.

This one adds 2 new parameters:

runBefore: Optional Specify a script to run before playing. This can be for example a script which turns on your TV and waits 5 seconds. If this is specified and provided entity/script exists, all the other play checks for availability of entity are ignored.

runAfter: Optional Specify a script to run after playing.

1.0 has been released! :tada:

  • All Plex clients supported. Android TV support. Kodi support. Google cast support.

  • Full TV Shows and Movie browsing along with trailer playing in the background and extras (*if available).

  • Sorting, and all the special libraries you are used to from Plex website like Deck, Continue Watching etc.

  • Searching, with optimised loading as you scroll.

  • Support for custom scripts to run before and after you hit play. Do you want to turn on TV before playing? Just create a script and it will be automatically ran before playing.

  • Fully responsive and tested on all the popular devices with full support for both Android and iOS Home Assistant apps.

Check readme on github on info about all the features!

Stupid question… is it possible to add Keyboard? I’m running my dashboard on a Intel nuc with windows 10 and the keyboard doesn’t automatically appear when I click on search …is there something I can do or you can adjust…if not the Search batbis senseless for Windows users