Custom Component / Card: Plex meets Home Assistant


It is still recommended to use this method only if your device is not supported by a “native” play controller. For example, if you have Android TV, use Android TV instead as that gives better experience (no need to have app launched before hitting play and more).

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So Appletv has support now?

Having a play with this and some thoughts and observations. This works like a charm with my Shield and the android TV integration. It’s very quick and playback starts almost instantly.

  1. My movie library is over 1,000 movies so without any limits it makes the browser very unresponsive for a while, but setting the limit doesn’t really make a lot of sense if you want to see all movies.
    What would be really cool is rather than configuring a libary, we could configure recently added or continue watching instead. Not sure how feasible that is.

  2. This doesn’t work in the mobile app, right? All i get is a spinning circle and nothing else.

  3. For TV shows I tend to use shuffle quite a lot, so if a shuffle button could be added that would be awesome.

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guys, just installed this card, but i dont see any movies? it keeps loading? what could be wrong?can i see some logs somewhere?


      - type: custom:plex-meets-homeassistant
        token: !secret plex_token
        ip: !secret plex_ip
        port: !secret plex_port
        libraryName: Movies
        protocol: http
        maxCount: 10
          # kodi: media_player.kodi_123456qwe789rty
          # androidtv: media_player.living_room_nvidia_shield
          plexPlayer: Plex for Samsung

edit: fixed, seems http vs https issue on chrome as discussed on discord

  1. Planned, check OP. This will be resolved either with search working even with maxCount or filters (recently added etc.).
  2. It does, if you are using https for hass, you also need to use https for plex (i need to add an error handler for that case)
  3. Good idea, will add it to planned features.

Currently I am very busy with work project so unfortunately this card and my other opensource projects are going to get put into sideline for a while (few weeks, maybe a month or two). But I will review and accept any PRs! Adding filters for example etc are a fairly easy and quick thing.

Yes it does.

Yup just hopped on Discord to see the dicussion and have now set my internal URL in the HA app to my internal instance, as I also use Nabu Casa. That worked and it’s now showing up correctly in the app.

My plex server is in the cloud in a Seedbox server and runs very very well. How do I configure the integration to point to the cloud service and not local IP address?

i went to and i don’t see my appletv playing a movie… how do i get my machineIdentifier, do i need to use python?

Turn on plex app first, it should show up there. I dont own apple tv so cannot verify.

Just use a host instead of IP!

Yes I did try the host however it does not seem to be pulling the data down to HA. I have only setup movies so far and it shows “Search Movies” search box with a orange circle going round and round like it is searching on the new created tab on Home Assistant dashboard? So i guess that means it is not pulling data from Plex server.
Any other thoughts on a possible reason would be appreciated

Check out console and network tab (filter requests by “plex”) in developer tools in chrome. There should be something in there.

I’m not a programmer or developer so not sure what i am looking for. Only ref that I can see that makes any sense is reference to the token. I have checked to ensure token is correct and it is correct. Not sure what else i can do.
Do you know of any other user who are using your Custom component who may have a plex server in the cloud?

ok managed to get it to work now so i can see the movies and thumbnails. Only thing now is there is NO Play button. Any ideas?

Glad to hear you got it working, yes, follow readme, you can add androidtv if you have androidtv, kodi if you have kodi, or plexPlayer if you have anything else. There are detailed instructions for each.

Hello. What is the error? The link opens in the browser normally.

Hello, Open developer tools in chrome, console log and tell us what is in there.

You are probably using HTTPS home assistant with HTTP plex which is not possible.

New version has been released.

  • Search now works globally, ignoring initial results displayed due to maxCount
  • Sorting has been added.
  • Mark for unplayed episodes has been added to season view and episodes view.



Smart loading was just added to the newest version, this means you can stop using maxCount because of performance reasons. It will now handle thousands of items in library smoothly.

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