Custom Component: Carrier Infinity Touch control via Infinitude


I have created custom component for controlling Carrier Infinity Touch thermostats through an Infinitude proxy server.

It has been tested against all the standard HA thermostat capabilities, and supports multiple zones. I’d appreciate feedback from others who are willing to try it out!

Carrier Infinity integration

This is great, thanks for the work here @MizterB! It works out of the box as desired which is great, but I do see a couple of smaller issues here. My system doesn’t have any zones (I’m thinking you wrote this to handle multiple zones in your setup) so as a result, it doesn’t fully translate into a non-zoned system. I will put these issues in Github instead.

It would be super neat if there was the ability to set home/away/sleep/wake from HA as well. Perhaps you can, but not in the default lovelace UI for thermostat.


Also what version did you use test this against? Seems like this works fine on HA .88.1, but then I upgraded tonight to .89.1, and it fails, I get a generic “Platform not found: climate.infinitude” message. Really odd.


I developed it against .88 and ran into the same issue as you on upgrade. I needed to update some references to constants to be compatible with .89. Changes have been uploaded to GitHub.

I saw the issues you submitted as well - I appreciate the feedback. Will look into those as time allows. However, for the sensor request, I recommend you look at creating Template Sensors for now - these will allow you to build sensors off of the thermostat attributes. That at least covers your request for Activity. If you need additional attributes that I have not added yet, you could also look at RESTful sensors. If you need references on how to structure the REST calls, you can enable debug logging for this component, and it will show the URLs:

  default: info
    custom_components.infinitude.climate: debug


Ok, glad it wasn’t just me then with .89 issues. Yea for now I’ll use JSON sensors but as you develop it further would be nice to pull in some of those additional attributes. Really appreciate the work you’ve done here and will continue to test.


Cool. Seems to work with my instance at least when it comes to displaying current setting and pushing a manual timed adjustment :+1:


I’ve been using this for a few days and works pretty good. @MizterB, I have submitted a PR to pull in additional attributes for the component to easily create sensors from the info.

I did run into a couple of other random issues, but it was issues with infinitude rather than the HA component here. Filed a couple of bugs in the infinitude project, @nebulous.

I think it would be nice if this component could change the activity mode on the thermostat. It looks like you may have started something with this, since I do see that you defined activities in lines 42-48 (though you do reference away twice and are missing awake). Doesn’t look like anything with activities has been implemented - other than manual.

By building that functionality, you can then track when people are home with HA during the day, and if the person goes from not_home to home, simply set the program to home, without having to depend on the rather spotty occupancy sensor that these units contain. There would have to be more thought of how to code it, but that’s what I would envision for a start.


@nebulous - Thank you - this wouldn’t be possible without your great project!

Question for you…if is possible for the API to depose the serial # / system ID of there thermostat? I know it is embedded in the URLs that it uses to communicate with the proxy, but can it be accessed via the API? This would help address


@bdf0506 - Thanks. The PR has been merged.

Regarding activity changes, I would need to provide a custom service to make the calls. Haven’t done that before, but shouldn’t be hard. The reason certain ones are referenced today is to support the hold mode and away mode settings that are part of ‘standard’ HA thermostat functionality.