Custom Component - Delta Dore / Tydum Climate

Just announcing the git repository for Delta Dore Climate .

Current Features:

  • Read thermostat temperature.
  • Set Temperature
  • On / Off
  • Preset : Away / Boost Mode / Eco Mode / Standard Mode
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First of all thank you for your effort - this Tydom-thingy is a pain in the a$$ with its proprietary RF protocol - so opening up its cloud/app interface is the way to go.
I just commented on your github Issue 2 'cause I had a litte progress but now further steps are way above my skills.

Are you still in this project?


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Hi all.

Finally Iā€™m back to the project, and got it working again today.

Check the screenshots.


Please test it and let me know.

Working in Home Assistant 0.117.2

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Hi bzzoiro,

Thanks for the job on that.
I am new to HA and facing some difficulties to make your component work.
I understand that I must use a platform that is not provided by you, and presuming you made one named delta dore. Is this right ?
Will you release this platform or do I have to made one ? Can I use an existing one ?