Custom component: eNet2MQTT

Connecting the Gira eNet Mobile Gate to Home Assistant!

At home, we bought into the beautifully expensive KNX standard implemented by Gira. Our only way of accessing the lights by anything smarter than a light switch is by using Gira’s app.

Using an existing API and coupling to MQTT I created a Home Assistant addon: eNet2MQTT.

I expect the number of people in the same situation to be neglectable. Should anyone have the same components and desires, hopefully, this integration can be of use! The component is far from perfect. Some notable issues are:

  • One of our lights is missing :thinking:
  • Mobile Gate and MQTT IP have to be entered manually.
  • Brightness setting and syncing does not play nice with our lights

However, basic light control is working quite stable :smiley:

After adding this repository to Home Assistant, the addon can be downloaded and started from the interface.

Don’t hesitate to make an issue should you encounter one or PR with any improvements!

I also just bought the Gira eNet server. Looking forward to others also looking to implement this into HA.

Hi Ashwin,

Nice to see you also found this addon! Stability proved not too great over time. I believe a KNX IP gateway is a more durable solution. Until that time this addon should help you get started :slight_smile:

Thank you, Thomas.
So it is possible to add the KNX IP on the eNet?
I need to look into that asap.

Hi Ashwin, have you been able to investigate the enet integration further? Is it possible to utilize the KNX integration with the enet mobile gate or enet server?

Hi Sharkey,

Really like the effort you put into create this add-on. It really is a pity that enet is not easier to connect. Unfortunately I get an error in the home assistant log, when trying to install the enet addon. Mentions that some of the code is deprecated.

Potentially you already fixed this yourself, but did not update the git repository.


Hi @Jeroenterh,

Thanks for your message. I have not used the addon in the last few years. It must have broken during one of the last updates of Home Assistant.

I’ve updated some dependencies, removed the deprecated startup: before option that gave a warning, and updated the dockerfile (based on this file here: hassio-ring-bridge/Dockerfile at 3ebd0bd1f0ade181141ec436f17b3e55c2e55f17 · helmut-hoffer-von-ankershoffen/hassio-ring-bridge · GitHub). The addon now installs and runs properly.

Personally, I stopped using the addon since it was not stable enough to run for more than a week consecutively. The addon needs some more stability improvements. My current understanding is that a “KNX IP-Gateway” is the correct way to integrate your KNX network with Home Assistant. It should provide a more stable connection and integrate with the official KNX - Home Assistant integration.

Hi Thomas,

I has also KNX and ENET. But as you tell about the KNX ip gateway…is it possible to use enet devices with the KNX ip gateway??
When that is possible the decision is verry easy and quick.

I hope you can tell me more.
Kind regards,

Hi Ashwin,

Do you know if it possible?
Kind regards,

Hi, I don’t know if this will help you either, but take a look at this:

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Hi Thetmar,

Very late reply. I must say I do not fully understand if Gira supports this for eNet. Probably the “eNet smart home server” should be able to facilitate this, but please double check before buying one :slight_smile:.