[Custom Component] EPA UV Index

NOAA and the EPA provides UV Index data for many major US cities. This integration provides this as a sensor. I prefer this over some of the other UV index provides as it does not require creating an account on a 3rd party website. Get it at GitHub - davidn/epa_uvindex: NOAA UV Index integration for home-assistant..

The main state is the daily maximum. If you want to show the hourly UV index in a little histogram, use my accompanying card: GitHub - davidn/uvindex-hourly.

How come this is not placed into a folder like HACS, Sonoff and others? I see this as a possible issue corrupting by copying over the files all ready there.

Just because this is my first published integration and I’m not familiar with the publishing convention. I have changed directory structure and I will look into HACS compatible install.

I’m not saying it needs to go into HACS unless that is the best fix, but that it should be in it’s own folder in the /custom_components/ directory.

I had a problem with the card code, it was missing the “card” call at the top. You might want to change that in your Github instructions. But I have it working now.

I have updated this component to use use the EPA Envirofacts api instead of the NOAA UV Index bulletin. This means this now works for all US cities, and provides an hourly forecast as an attribute as well as the daily maximum.

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I have also written a card to show a little histogram of the hourly UV index. You can get it from GitHub - davidn/uvindex-hourly

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@davidn really dumb question: I’m new to Home Assistant. How do I install your Hourly UV Index? I can’t find it in HACS.

I went to the GitHub page but I can’t see the instructions (again I’m very new to this all!)

Thanks in advance!

@chunky_lafunga go to HACS on your home assistant, and from the “…” menu select " Custom repositories" and add “GitHub - davidn/epa_uvindex: EPA UV Index integration for home-assistant.” as type “integration”. If you want to use my custom card, also add “GitHub - davidn/uvindex-hourly: Dashboard Card to show Hourly UV Index provided by EPA UV Index integration” as type “Lovelace”. Then restart home assistant. After that, on Settings > Devices & Services you can click add integration and “EPA UV Index” will appears as a integration option (and on dashboards you can use the custom hourly card.