Custom Component: Flightradar24

This is a really nice integration and out of the box I’ve got a nice map showing the overhead flights, we’re under a flight path so it saves me opening the app! Next step is to refine the notification radius and then get them announced!

Having gone through this thread and the github pages a few times, I do have a F24 subscription but I can’t find where to enter this, if I need to because I’m making too many API calls being under a flight path? I am also not clear how I can use the flight_number to follow the family flights, either on a map or a sensor.

Guidance to the right documentation would be appreciated.

To answer one of my own questions, to enter F24 account details, just scroll down in the configuration dialog box. DOH

Still struggling with the iframe /url settings to track a flight though.

@mizike2 I wanted the same in my notification, so this is what I ended up with

service: notify.lg_webos_smart_tv
metadata: {}
  message: >-
    Flight overhead {{ }}, {{'-')[0] }} from  {{ }} to {{ }} /{{ }}

This works for most flights, I get some funny strings when there’s a small or private flight though.

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v1.13.0 Released


Hi chintito4ever,

can you share your yaml code ?


v1.14.0 Released


Added flight events:

  • flightradar24_area_landed: Fired when a flight lands in your area
  • flightradar24_area_took_off: Fired when a flight takes off in your area
  • flightradar24_tracked_landed: Fired when a tracked flight lands
  • flightradar24_tracked_took_off: Fired when a tracked flight takes off

I’m guessing this is more of a FR24 issue, but… I have a relative returning to UK on flight QR11 from Doha, when I add to track QR11 I get flight QR1109.

If I search in FR24 for QR11, in the search results QR1109 is the first result in LIVE FLIGHTS. The flight QR11 is further down listed under RECENT OR SCHEDULED FLIGHTS.

@ChrisThomas Hi
Only LIVE FLIGHT may be added to track currently. Tracking scheduled flights is not supported currently

v1.14.1 Released


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@ChrisThomas The issue with search results is fixed

@AlexandrErohin Wow, fast service indeed! Thank you for your hard work.

Hi, I’ve created a custom card to go along with this integration.

It is designed to show flights relative to a tracker, and in addition to the data received from the integration it calculates if flights are approaching you, how close they will pass and when.

It allows for filtering with complex conditions and features a small zoomable “radar” screen with the tracked flights. Flight positions can be continuously projected between updates from flightradar24 based on current position, speed and direction. Local features as runways and locations can be added to the radar.

Feel free to give it a go, and provide feedback if you like it and would like to see more features implemented.

The documentation is a bit on the sparse side, but I’ll improve it soon.


v1.14.2 Released


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Wonderful addition. Thank you for your hard work and generosity. A couple suggestions:

  • When a photo of the plane is not available, just display nothing, instead of a “broken” image icon.
  • Allow a fixed location (ideally the home location) instead of the device tracker.

(I live near a military base, so there are no photos available for many of the flights. I travel frequently, but only care about flights near my home, not relative to where any of the tracked devices/people may be.)

Thanks for considering.

Thank you for your feedback.

v0.0.6 was just pushed with your features and bugfixes

Also added some example configurations in the README to showcase simple and advanced usage.

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would it be possible to show the Radar and not the plane detail?

The radar is not (currently) filtered, so if you add a “catch all” filter, only the radar will show.

You will still be able to list flights by clicking on them in the radar view, since selected flights overrides the filter.

Edit: Just realized the “No flights” message will be displayed. I’ll get back to this.

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As an opposite question of what FortranFour asked, it would it nice to configure the Flightradar24 integration to optionally use a tracker for the location instead of a fixed lat/lon pair?

Thanks for this…very nice card.
When adding the new location config to my install the card complained when only location: (with lat/lon) was specified that location_tracker: was missing from the config…adding this back in (with a zone rather than device_tracker so it doesn’t report a location) made the card work fine again (and using the lat/lon as I can see flights at home while currently away)

Nice card. Well done!

I just read through your documentation about templating. Would be nice if you can give one sample config of this card including template configuration.

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