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Hi there. I know it is possible to track specific flights because it says so right at the top of this page “2. Track a particular plane or planes no matter where it currently is” but I don’t see an example of how to do that. I understand that we can’t track flights that haven’t left yet but I haven’t seen examples of how to track specific flights already in the air. I suppose there are two aspects to it. The first is using an input text helper to enter the flight number and the second is some kind of lovelace card that displays all the pertinent information about the tracked flight.

Could someone who has done this please post their card yaml configuration showing how this is done?

Or if this “how to” info with examples is in the documentation somewhere, can you point me to it?

Thank you very much!

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How do you want to use add to track? In automation? if yes - there is an example

  - alias: "Track flights"
      platform: event
      event_type: flightradar24_exit
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ 'Frankfurt' == }}"
      - service: text.set_value
          value: "{{ }}"
          entity_id: text.flightradar24_add_to_track

v1.15.0 Released


  • Added tracking scheduled flights. Now you may start tracking a scheduled flight before it appears on the FR24 live map. And get notification when the flight takes off. For more details please check README

Yes, I agree.

I would like to see an example for a scheduled plane by flight number as I would like to track a few planes on a daily basis but dont want to do all flights from origin airport.

Also, is there a way to see all tracked flight numbers added as I may have added a couple of wrong ones, if it stores them ?


For example, you may call service like I post above to start tracking a plane by flight number

      - service: text.set_value
          value: "{{ pass here flight number to track  }}"
          entity_id: text.flightradar24_add_to_track

To see all tracked flights numbers

      type: markdown
      content: >-
        {% set data = state_attr('sensor.flightradar24_additional_tracked',
        'flights') %} {% for flight in data %}
          {{ flight.flight_number }}
          {% endfor %}

@steve1123 @Dharmil Have you tried tracking scheduled flight feature yeat?

@AlexandrErohin …Thank you for your reply . For some reason Flightradar24 has banned my ip so I am trying to get it to work again .the add on just says unavailable since the ip is banned.

“ Hello

Thank you for contacting us.

Usually an IP is blocked when high data usage/scraping is detected on our site.
Any data available via is solely for servicing our website and is not intended for third parties
Please note that our terms and conditions of use can be referenced here and we will block any unauthorized attempts to access data from for other purposes.”

My plug in integration refresh time was set to 10 seconds and radius 100metres since I only needed tracking for particular flights . I wonder why did they ban my ip.

What was the code for the sensor.flights_above_hourly ?
I am new to Home Assistant so i understand it goes in the config file?

How to get rid of the flightradar24 branding and the app store icons.
Left is how the instructions left me, the right is how I tweaked it.

Hope this makes your dashboards a bit nicer

Create an html page in the www folder and remember the name. I used fr1.html
Replace the flightradar link with your lat/long/zoom link

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
        html, body {
            margin: 0;
            padding: 0;
            height: 100%;
            overflow: hidden; /* Prevent scrolling in the body */
        .iframe-container {
            position: relative;
            width: 100%;
            height: 500px; /* Adjust the height as needed */
            overflow: hidden; /* Ensure no scrollbars appear */
        .iframe-container iframe {
            position: absolute;
            top: -100px; /* Adjust the top position to crop the top part */
            left: 0;
            width: 100%;
            height: 700px; /* Adjust this height to ensure the bottom part is also cropped */
            border: none;
    <div class="iframe-container">
        <iframe src=""></iframe>

Use the webpage card or add this code to your stacked cards

type: iframe
url: /local/fr1.html
aspect_ratio: 100%


How do I add additional tracked? Is add to track the same as the filter by callsign in the flightradar website?
I try to add a single and list of tracked items but it just stays at 0

Is there a relevant log in Settings->System->Logs?

Log showed that the tracked plane wasn’t found.
I guess aircraft can only be tracked and added when the are actively transmitting their beacon.

This error originated from a custom integration.

Logger: custom_components.flightradar24
Source: custom_components/flightradar24/
integration: Flightradar24 (documentation, issues)
First occurred: July 17, 2024 at 3:02:30 PM (9 occurrences)
Last logged: July 17, 2024 at 10:56:22 PM

FlightRadar24: No flight found by - HAWK
FlightRadar24: No flight found by - GM766
FlightRadar24: No flight found by - XX219
FlightRadar24: No flight found by - PT-ZNG
FlightRadar24: No flight found by - GAF858

Some of these arrived now.

I am near an airshow and was hoping to get alerted when certain planes enter airspace or take off for display
Screenshot 2024-07-18 143941

HAWK, GM766, XX219 - cannot be found FlightRadar search on their site. So why integration cannot add them