[Custom Component] GreenSens plant sensor component

A while ago I got some plant sensors and a hub from a kickstarter project. They are called GreenSens.
The creators have now documented the api for this and I wrote a python library and a custom component for this.

I am not an expert, just a hobbyist and both projects leave some room for improvement, but I figured there might be people who are looking for this.

Python library: pygreensens
Custom component: HA Greensens

Feel free to comment on this or improve the code yourself!

My apologies… there is still one thing I have to fix: the sensor only update at boot…
I am working on it and hopefully I can fix this soon.

UPDATE: Current version on Github is working. I also added a bit more functionality and configuration options. For now I incorporated the python lib for the api, to make it a bit easier. I know this isn’t the best practice and I will change this in the next version.

The python library that I linked in my original post, is working, but had a few design flaws that made it difficult to use in HA. The new one I wrote does not have this issue and will soon be available on Pypi.
Python library has been fixed. In the next update of the custom component, I will make use of the python library, instead of adding the code in the component itself.

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Interesting plant sensor. How it is communicating? Over WiFi? Do I need that usb dongle?

@caear1987 The sensors send an RF 433mhz signal to the dongle. The dongle keeps connection to the cloud. The sensors run on solar, so the one important thing with these sensors is the amount of daylight they get. As far as I can tell, my sensors send their status once per hour on regular days. On dark days, this might be less.

In theory, you could do without the dongle, if you have an alternative RF receiver and manage to decode the RF message (which I partially did before the API was public), but this will take some time and effort.

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