Custom Component: HACS

Just want to say thank you @ludeeus! I just finished installing this and it’s working great. Of the 9 custom Lovelace cards I currently use, 8 were able to be installed - only missing the Dark Sky weather card by @m.p.frankland. Great job! :star:


Stumbled across this the other day and got it running, so good!! I was a bit surprised I couldn’t find a community post about it tbh and it’s exactly what Lovelace needs. Hear is hopefully it can be even more integrated at some point and update the card selection thing in Lovelace :slight_smile: (maybe an ask too far)

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I agree, this is great.

Could it be extended to themes?

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In theory yes, but in practice I’m not sure how this would be done.
This is basically a file handler, and there are no standards to how themes are on the local file system, I’m also not aware of any repositories that only contain a single theme.

The same “issues” goes for AD apps, which there is a FR to add support to

Understood. I am not a theme fanatic really, just thought it might be a way to become one!

I have recently started to move to lovelace, and your work has helped immensely. Cheers.

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I stumbled across this a week after you put it up and absolutely love it!
It makes installing plugins so much easier.
Is there a summary card I can add it Lovelace to show what’s installed and the versioning?

Something like the old tracker-card would be great.

Yeah that’s what I had in mind.

I will not stand in the way of someone making it, but I will not be the one creating something like that :slight_smile:

Hi, just got this in the error log and HA wont start until I remove hacs: from the config. Is it because I had too many restarts?
custom_components.hacs.aiogithub.AIOGitHubException: API rate limit exceeded for user ID

wow… yeah…
Can you add a issue for it on github?

Yes will do, I had issues getting my existing custom cards to show up and worked out that I had to edit lovelace in .storage for them to show hence the many restarts. From what I can gather there’s 5000 an hour limit on github

You should never edit the lovelace-file in .storage manually. Use the raw editor in the gui instead.

I would have done but HA wouldnt start so no gui available!

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Hey @ludeeus,

Thanks for your work!

Still haven’t had the chance to tried it, but installed it.

Also please note that for HACS to work logger needs to be enabled (haven’t seen in installation instructions and I had it disabled).

So besides 2 mentioned lines we need logger as well:

  token: !secret my_github_access_token

Or you will get an error while starting HASS.

This is funny, I installed it this morning and the logger requirement was certainly there.
It was as part of the instructions, but I also can’t see it anymore now…

I’m finishing up the last things I want to get in before 0.8.0, removing the logger requirement was one of them, so that was removed from the docs since it’s (from 0.8.0) no longer needed :slight_smile:


This is why I wanted a list of available cards before installing.

Only seven of the fourteen custom cards I use are available and none of my custom components.

Any idea how I add these?:



Hi, trying to understand how to do with existing custom_component in my settings.

For example I have this

Now I added it in HACS/custom repositories, do I need to change something in my configuration.yaml?

If supported use


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