Custom Component: HACS

The source is that you did not copy over the .translations folder.

Dear Ludeeus,
This was indeed the problem. Copying the extracted folder using the Synology web-environment, skips all dot-files. Copying the .zip file and do the extract there solved everything. Seems logical that it would not work with a folder called ‘translations’ missing.

Thanks again!

Thanks @ludeeus for all the new stuff in HACS.
The sort is very useful, do you think is possible do do it also by “component” release date or update?

Sure, add a feature request in the frontend repo

I’ve upgraded to 0.19.0 and everything has gone to ‘New’ with no apparent way to make them ‘not new’ like there used to be.

Did I miss something?

hit the “clear all new repository”

Oh, for goodness sake…
Am I blind?

Sorry, too much holiday cheer obviously.
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I just upgraded Home Assistant from 0.103.1 to 0.103.2 and hacs integration is gone… “Component error: hacs - Integration ‘hacs’ not found.” and obviously all components depending on hacs. What can I do? Is there a way to downgrade to 0.103.1? Did that happened only to me?

I recently updated the HACS integration and I’m now on version 0.19.0 but now all my previously installed custom components. I still have a “custom_components” folder with files for the components I’ve previously installed. Is there anyway of getting HACS to pick these up again?


Just wanted to give a thumbs up to latest HACS… Love the way the UI is arranged now. Excellent.


Actually no, I don’t have that option and you can see that it is also showing my installed repositories as ‘New’.
And if I select a repository and then go back to the list it still shows it as New.

How does HACS now sort the entries in the individual sections?

I would have thought it would be alphabetical order but that’s obviously not correct.

here is an example from my “installed” tab:

and here is from the “integrations” tab:

None of the “installed” items would fall into that category by definition, tho.

And even in the second screenshot there are “new” & not new elements interspersed.

Repository ID

Where do we find that information?

I think it would make more sense to sort by the display name.

In the GitHub API… that’s what you get when the “test team” is one person, and that “team” is the same as the “team” doing development, 50% are probably not tested :wink:


also, GitHub/Discord are far better platforms to get my attention :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to specifically get your attention but it was just more of a general question that someone might have known the answer to before posting a bug/feature request on github. In case I missed something and there was a “sort” option somewhere.

My last comment was mostly for everyone, not you specifically :slight_smile:

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