[Custom component] Hafele Connect Mesh

[Custom component] Häfele Connect Mesh

Hello Home Assistant Community!

I’m excited to announce the release of a new custom integration: Häfele Connect Mesh. This integration allows you to seamlessly connect and control your Häfele (Haefele) Connect Mesh devices through Home Assistant.


  • Device Discovery: Automatically discovers Häfele Connect Mesh devices on your network.
  • Control Lights: Turn on/off lights and adjust brightness.
  • Configurable via UI: Set up the integration through the Home Assistant UI with ease.

In development:

  • Control RGB Lights: Change the color and brightness of RGB lights.
  • Control Lights Temperature: Change the temperature and brightness of Multiwhite lights.
  • Scene control: Use your existing scenes from the app.

Installation Instructions:

  1. HACS Installation:
  • Go to HACS in Home Assistant.
  • Add a custom repository with the URL: https://github.com/guillaumeseur/hafele_connect_mesh.git.
  • Install the Häfele Connect Mesh integration from the HACS store.
  1. Configuration:
  • Go to Configuration → Integrations.
  • Click on “Add Integration” and search for “Häfele Connect Mesh”.
  • Enter your API key and follow the prompts to set up your devices.


Feedback and Support:

Feel free to post any issues, feature requests, or general feedback in this thread or create an issue on GitHub. Your input is valuable and helps improve the integration.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you find this integration useful!


You are my hero. Will test it as soon as I have the system up and running in a few weeks.

Wow this is great. Just ordered a gateway after I saw the initial post a few day ago and so far the integration works perfect!
I have a few LED Strips as well as a few ceiling lamps from Nimbus (Q Four). They can all adjust the color of the light from 2700 to 4000k I think and are dimmable as well. Integrating this features would be amazing, then I could ditch the cumbersome häfele app alltogether!

And do you think it is possible to add the lightscenes I already programmed in the Häfele App as an entity, so I could use them in HA?

Thanks for using this integration! I didn’t expect such active interest, and I’m thrilled by the positive responses.

I’ve been intensively exploring the API and encountered a few issues. While the documentation shows support for changing temperature, RGB values, getting device status, and calling scenes, I only receive “Internal Server Error” responses. I suspect issues with the API itself and will contact the developers for clarification.

Features I aim to add:

  • Temperature control
  • RGB control (hue)
  • Device states
  • Scene control (I can already find scene IDs in the network)

Currently, identifying device capabilities within the Häfele network isn’t straightforward. I’ve hardcoded controls based on returned types, such as:

  • com.haefele.led.rgb = Brightness / hue
  • com.haefele.wallcontroller.actuator = toggle
  • com.haefele.led.multiwhite.2700K = Brightness / Temperature
  • com.haefele.led.white.strip = brightness

These are the types I own. For unknown types, I might seek help from the community to identify so I can implement controls.


Thanks for the update. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I’m just a user with no real programming experience, but if you need infos/logs from different networks let me know.
Presently I have LED strips from Häfele, Nimbus Q Four ceiling lights, a few meshboxes to control the LED strips and a few EnOcean switches to control my lights.

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Do you need the Häfele Connect Mesh gateway for this to work?

Yes, you do need the Häfele Connect Mesh Gateway 1 for this integration to work. The gateway acts as an intermediary between your Home Assistant setup and the Häfele Connect Mesh devices. It receives network commands from Home Assistant, converts them into Bluetooth signals, and then communicates with the devices.
Without the gateway, the integration won’t be able to connect to and control your devices.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of the Häfele Connect Mesh integration. I’ve been a bit busy with life recently, but I should have more time to dedicate to this project next week.

Here’s what I have managed to get working so far:

  • Change temperature of lights.
  • Retrieve the current states of devices.
  • Currently, about 5 different devices are hardcoded in the integration; others will show up as a normal switch. In the next version, it will automatically discover devices and add their corresponding abilities (Dimmable, Temperature, RGB).

There are still a few areas that need more work, especially since the API isn’t completely open yet:

  • Control RGB lights (the settings show up, but the API call isn’t received correctly).
  • Add buttons to use existing Häfele scenes.

I’m also experiencing some trouble with switches not updating immediately. I’m working on resolving this issue and will release an update once it’s fixed.

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