Custom component HELP AXP192 M5stack STATION

Hi everyone,

I recently bought an M5Stack Station module: DOCS and SCHEMATICS

and I’d really like to have it work with esphome (m5flow really sucks imho).
I can get around it for most components installed, but the power management chip AXP192 isn’t supported and it’s mandatory to have it working for the display and other functions.

actually I don’t even need to be able to control the chip through esphome, the settings can even be hardcoded in the loaded custom code as:

  • the battery management can be skipped, the device doesn’t have a battery and will be always powered on

  • the power on/off button working is optional

  • the outputs must be all always switched on (PS0,1,2,3,4 - LDO3 - DCDC1)

Writing myself a custom component is beyond my actual knowledge, I found 3 resources:

  1. Official M5stack Arduino code LINK
  2. Custom integration for battery devices (doesn’t seem to provide outputs control and anyway my device has a different pinout) LINK
  3. Arduino library for the component with all the functions LINK

From what I understand the easier would be to use the third option, but I really don’t know where to start.
Can someone please help?

Thanks everyone!