[Custom component] Hikvision NVR / IP Camera

Hi, just tried this and all works great. Excellent job thanks :+1:

I was about to get Frigate up and running before I found this and I’m now wondering if I really need frigate over this? What re people doing with this integration Vs dedicated NVR solution?

Are you able to see live streams?

Hi. I use your integration to use cameras which i have connected to my NVR. To my NVR i also add my Video Intercom HikVision and NVR record video from it.
Before update Home Assistant to version 2024.3 all worked ok and i see in HA all video like cameras and also Video Intercom.
After Update to 2024.3 i see video from Cameras but i dont see video from Video Intercom. On app Hikvision Android i see all (also Video Intercom). Problem is only in your integration. In Integration i see device name Video Intercom but Main stream and sub strean is no available for this device.

Hi @maciej-or thank you for a great integration. Have you perhaps considered “integration/compatibility” with go2rtc (GitHub - AlexxIT/go2rtc: Ultimate camera streaming application with support RTSP, RTMP, HTTP-FLV, WebRTC, MSE, HLS, MP4, MJPEG, HomeKit, FFmpeg, etc.) and WebRTC by @AlexxIT?

The integration works with go2rtc. All you need is to install go2rtc add-on and WebRTC Camera integration then use camera entity provided by hikvision_next in ‘custom:webrtc-camera’ card.

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