Custom Component: Hubitat

This morning I noticed that my devices were updating in Home Assistant each time I update them in Hubitat but automations were not triggering.

In other words - Light device (Hubitat) turns on or off and Light device (Home Assistant) turns on or off. However any automations setup in Home Assistant that trigged based on Light device (Home Assistant) turning on and off were not working.

So I went through one of the automations and deleted the Light device (Home Assistant) trigger and then added it back in and it now works.

I am running the latest of everything and show no updates pending.

This does not appear to be happening to all automations - only some of them. But so far I cannot see anything different with this particular set of rules. Simple device triggers. Just posting here to see if anything has noticed anything similar?

I’ve deleted my original post. My fault - I’m new to Home Assistant and hadn’t thought to check if there was a HACS update when I updated the Core. Sorted now.