Custom Component: Input Stats, create your own stats

Hi. I made a new custom component for create own stats. It is like a alternative to counter helper but it save long term stats.

Input Stats is a Home Assistant component that allows you to create your own sensors to store your own statistics and manage them manually.

Thanks to the various Home Assistant options, we can later consult the evolution of our data by comparing it over different periods.

All info on my Github: GitHub - MiguelAngelLV/ha-input-stats: Home Assistant custom component to create a custom input number with stats support

Videotutorial (in spanish but with english subtitles)

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That looks awesome thanks for sharing this🤗

It would be awesome if it would be possible to edit historical stats - like the missing bar in your video - afterwards, something like to write the value on a specific timestamp in the sensor

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I am looking for add old for the next version

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