Custom Component: MyCitroen

Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

Could someone develop a github to have citroen cars connected on home assistant?
I found this link with the APIs of the PSA group:

I don’t know how to program. so i can’t help unfortunately

Thank you so much!


I just creat a repository in GitHub:

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Sadly there seems not too much interest. I am german, but that did not stop me to buy a Peugeot 208e GT last week. Still have to wait a whiile until it shows up (gov subvention causes a massive waiting time for e-cars. Mercedes is @ 14 months now, Peugeot at about 30 weeks!) In theory if I get things right this addin idea would be perfect for me too as PSA uses almost the same API for DS, Peugeot and Citroën. Maybe you should add DS and Peugeot to the title too and with some luck attract more ppl that way? Anyways, I follow this thread now.


Some inspiration I found.

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Can you adapt for Home assistant?

This is the same i found. i’ve tried the flobz server but it is not working that reliable.
Would be awesome if theres a developer who can port this openhab binding.
I can support but my skills are not sufficient to do a port.

Same for me.
Looking for an adaptation. I didn’t received my car so I can’t start to access it :s