Custom Component: Philips Hue HDMI Play Sync Box

Content Edited in protest for the bad direction of the Home-Asisstant project.

If you are interested in this component, get it on GitHub.


By the way: I created this very recently and tested only on my instance and device. As such, all feedback and contributions (code or not) are very well welcomed.

For those who will ask: yes, I intend to support HACS and will add it soon :slight_smile:


Change of plans, unfortunately:

HACS support would not be implemented unless YAML (or equivalent non-UI configuration) becomes a supported mode for integrations (reference).

However, there are other versions out there that may interest you that may support this.

Thank you for this great work. It works by following your guide.

FYI for everyone: I started having issues with other configured remotes 2 days after creating this component. I am not sure if it’s caused by this component or just coincidence, but I will be researching it within this weekend. If it’s due to the component, I will publish an update and code fix.


Yes, the platform was replacing all remote methods. As such, if you had any other remotes configured, this was breaking them. I have already updated the code on the repository with the fix. Apologies.

I also took the opportunity to move all calls to async to avoid blocking the system as much as possible and having those I/O log messages.

Finally, I have added the methods learn_command and send_command without any implementation to allow for the situation where commands are sent to all devices. These are obviously not being used for this componenent.