Custom component - REST API camera

Hi all
just published a custom component to display images served via a REST API as a camera. Use case is displaying camera feed from one home-assistance instance on another. Saves setting up www folder and should be useful with other REST API image services.
Any feedback let me know.

whats the difference with the generic camera?
which also would be an option to use between 2 hass instances. with 2 lines of configuration.

You have to use a template in the config of the generic camera?

I only briefly looked at the generic, mostly wrote this as an exercise before attempting something else

in the generic cam you just give an url :wink:
but you created a generic cam yourself so excercise succeeded :wink:

Interesting, appeared to require the path to a file. Will try later. If there are API’s that can’t be accessed via generic then perhaps this component would have a use.

@ReneTode good catch, all that’s required to configure the generic camera is the following

  - platform: generic
    name: bird-cam

you have won in experience :wink:

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