[Custom Component] Tapo: Cameras Control

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Installed and working.

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Hi. Can you help me?

I’ve installed via HACS and I can see my camera on the Tapo App and I’ve noted down the IP address… 192.168.1.** - I’ve created the account in the app and saved the credentials. In HA I try to add the camera through integration and it won’t accept my IP. I’ve checked ports are open but nothing seems to work.

no-one can help you with so weak description, and no logfiles/error-messgaes or details about your network-setup

PS: No reason for you to “hide” your local ip (beside there is already only 254 numbers left if you think people can access your local system) , have you verified with your router, that it’s correct IP, are your HA on same network segment,

@boheme61 whilst I appreciate your reply - there’s no need to be quite so direct in slamming my post. I’m a newbie to HA and just after some help in how I can get to view my camera on the dashboard.

I have verified with router and it is the correct IP. What do you mean by 'are your HA on same network segment?


Post screenshot of what you are seeing and logs.

Hi there, I have a weird issue with my C200 camera. I added it to HA some months ago and it was working fine till some days ago (dunno exactly when sadly). The thing is that the motion detection binary sensor stopped sending info. In HA I was seeing a message that said that tapo_control integration didn’t provided the value anymore. I removed and added the camera back to HA and now the binary sensor is not even there. I used angry ip scanner and it only showed 443 in the ports section. Does this mean the port 2020 used for motion detection is closed on the cam? Is that even possible? I see motion detection working just fine in tapo android app btw. Tapo camera firmware is 1.3.5 build 230307, tapo control version is 5.1.7, Home Assistant 2023.5.0, Supervisor 2023.04.1 and
Operating System 10.1

Update: I used nmap to check ports again and it shows all the correct ports opened, 443, 554, 2020 and 8800

Have you checked in Settings/Devices/Services whether it’s there, or its Disabled ? … choose the device and show entities

Firmware issue.

Thank you tp link for so much I guess :man_facepalming:. Thanks for the reply man!

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They released 1.3.6, try update(thou no fix there for the function) :frowning:
EDIT: Actually i get a motion detected in my Android APP, and after enable motion in HA, it’s enabled in the APP also(i didn’t enabled in APP) , thou no log in HA , hmmm

This is known. Firmware is broken.

Yes i know , well i just played around, so i might accidental have enable in on the phone app, also :slight_smile:
EDIT: this is the price one pays , when trying to keep stuff on latest firm :slight_smile: , i recall i ones said that i would wait with my updates,(i case you needed device for older firmware)
Factory-reset should be mandatory option on these devices(these days)

Is there a known way to downgrade the firmware?

problem is to find the right one , i have hardware v1, can only find firmware 1.1.16/17, thou for v3( i assume this is hardware version) there is a 1.3.0

Anyone here who have a C200v1 , firmware1.3.0 ? , or url to same or 1.1.18 ?

New version solving the issue will be ready tonight.

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Version 5.2.0

New Features

  • Uses Webhooks for motion detection. This is a lot more efficient and faster way to get events. Check FAQ if you are encountering issues with motion sensor being stuck in Detected state, you probably need to set your internal HA IP properly.
  • Now can expose more than 1 motion sensor. It exposes everything that camera sends. It now also uses name provided by camera.


Breaking Changes

  • Motion sensors now use name provided by camera. Because of this, your entity id might change. If you see an unavailable sensor after updating, you can safely remove it (do not disable!). Sensor will be recreated on first motion. You can change entity_id back to what you used to have.


Thank you @bdraco for implementing all the required changes in onvif and helping me debug the issue on affected cameras.

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Great update for motion sensor fix. What is the difference ietween the Cell Motion Detection & the Motion Alarm binary sensors?

While the Tapo applicaiton is now supporting a specific person detection versus motion detection, is it planned to get also at some point a binary sensor for person detection only in HA?


Your guess is as good as mine. :slight_smile: It is whatever camera exposes.

Camera does not expose it via Onvif but we do have an issue open tracking work on an alternative way to get events (including person detection) but it’s not ready yet.

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