Custom Component: Unifi Protect

Has one got the G4 doorbell working on wall mounted tablet with a display pop-up card when the someone rings the doorbell. How bad is video delay?

I’m not sure about others, but my video delay is significant. I can see upwards of 15-20 second delay.

Is that using the RTSP stream or the built in steam function ?

Because this integration is pulling a proxied feed from the NVR there will be a delay. There is no RSTP available directly from Unifi cameras so the stream is being created from the NVR, however the other elements like doorbell press or motion sensors work great and nearly real time. Personally I leverage the ipad app for protect for cameras more than the integration if I want real time access to a stream. But for general access to cameras this solution has been really solid and consistent.

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Video Stream Issue:

As @cdrom1028 writes, there is nothing I can do to optimize the RTSP stream. What I can do, is make it possible to disable RTSP and then supply the stream using the pure snapshot image. This will drastically improve the latency, but will not include any audio. Are people interested in this possibility ?


Options are always welcome!

With a custom card, on first load, would it be possible/any faster to take a quick snapshot and display that while the live camera stream is loading?

Previous to this integration, I used the native camera integration to pull the anonymous snapshots from the cameras directly, it does work and as an alternative to the stream, it would be a nice to have. In my previous post, I was trying to point out was that the stream is coming from the NVR and not from the cameras which due to the levels of processing causes a delay. FWIW, I have really enjoyed this custom component in its present form and really appreciate the effort that went in to this. @briis, Thanks for sharing your work !!! I think the level set here highlights that this is really more of a Unifi Protect limitation and not an issue with this custom component. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t believe it’s a limitation of either. It’s a limitation of how HA processes/transcodes video streams. This delay is seen with every component I’ve used so far including fmepg, amcrest and foscam. Many other users of other video streaming components report the same.

Was this pulled from the HACS integration list? Only thing I have is the Ubiquiti Unifi integration showing up can’t install this.

I can still see it.

I can see it as well…

This may have something to do with 2021.4
I could see it, updated to 2021.4.3, and immediately after updating it is now gone.

I just installed 2021.4.4 and I can’t find it.

You do need HACS, that is clear right? #just_checking

As @sj3fk3 mentions, this is not part of the core Home Assistant, so you need to either install it via HACS first or copy the files manually. See this section for more info.

Hi, I just started using the integration, and already have a live stream on my phone. But I am pretty new to Home Assistant, and I don’t understand how to get access to the snapshot and how to make it available to my phone. Sorry for what is probably a noob question, but I’ve searched a lot of videos and forums and sometime someone will put a value in the image, with no discussion of where they got it.

Thanks in advance for the help. This really seems to be a great integration

This blueprint might be a good jumping off point for you.

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Thanks so much, i’ll give it a try

That was enough for me to figure it out, I now have a working automation that sends the snapshot and brings up the stream. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the right data format to get it into node red, but that will just have to wait. Thanks again.

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